Insulation Brands

Nu-Wool Co.

Established in 1949, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly cellulose insulation.

Made from 100% recycled paper, and manufactured using at least 10 times less energy than it takes to make fiberglass, Nu-Wool offers green benefits even before it’s in your walls. Working towards LEED, Green Built, HERS or just trying to control energy bills, Nu-Wool delivers premium performance in a guaranteed product. 1st Choice Insulation's Nu-Wool product meets industry specifications for spray applied wet cellulose.


CertainTeed offers wide variety of insulation including Fiber Glass, Sprayfoam, Mold Prevention, Mechanical and Industrial Insulation and Stone Wool Fibers.

Owens Corning

1st Choice Insulation now stocks national recognized Owens Corning insulation. Please contact us at (502) 802-9730 to learn more on how 1st Choice Insulation can save you money on your energy bills.