Make 1st Choice Insulation your first choice for consumer and commercial insulation!

1st Choice Insulation provides commercial and residential markets with a wide variety of insulation products to maximize energy efficiency. Insulation products carry different R-Values and insulating properties, let 1st Choice Insulation assist you in identifying the best product for your project and assist you in reducing your energy requirements and rising utility bills.

Insulation alternatives including batt, blanket, Kraft faced, unfaced, foil, blown, bonded, unbonded, soundproofing, fiber glass or cellulose, "green" products, mold, pest & fire resistance have never been greater and sometimes the various insulation choices can be confusing to many home owners. Our team of insulation specialists are ready to assist you in understanding the insulation options available and answer your questions.

In addition to reducing utility bills and increasing energy efficiency some insulation can greatly reduce external and adjoining room noise levels . Let 1st Choice Insulation demonstrate for you the sound control qualities of different insulation.

Please contact our team of trained associates and insulation specialists at (502) 802-9730 or (502) 964-3503 to schedule an appointment or request information on the best insulation products for your specific application.