Pure wood fiber insulation has been perfected in Europe for over 20 years and American builders and homeowners are discovering how safe and easy it is to cut, handle, and install—and just how well it works. TimberHP high performance construction materials leverage strong envelope solutions with responsible forestry to offer you carbon-smart insulation for the built environment.

TimberHP transforms abundant American wood fiber into energy-efficient building materials for people and our planet. And by supporting the historic Maine lumber industry and environmentally sound manufacturing, we can build more than healthier homes—we can revitalize our communities.

Why Wood Fiber Insulation

We all want a healthy, high performance building design—homes that stand strong against the elements, save energy costs, and keep loved ones safe. TimberHP wood fiber insulation puts affordable, sustainable building materials within reach.

Made from abundant, renewable Maine wood. Proven performance in the toughest conditions. Technology perfected for over 20 years in Europe. Safe to touch and breathe. See how all-natural TimberHP building envelope solutions create healthier living environments and make sustainable construction more affordable and accessible.

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Available Products


  • ~R-3.8 per inch
  • Cavity insulation in stud walls and between rafters & joists
  • Loose fill blanket insulation for attics and other cavities


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  • R-4 per inch
  • Thermal cavity insulation between studs, rafters, trusses and joists
  • Unparalleled acoustic insulation walls, floors, and ceilings


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  • R-3.4 to 3.7 per inch
  • Exterior continuous insulation with high compressive strength
  • Interior insulation for walls, floors, and ceilings


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Why TimberHP

High Performance

A comprehensive, above-grade product line to create wind-tight, vapor-open assemblies offering stable, long-term R-values, improved temperature stability, and premium sound protection.

Healthy Planet

Made from residual wood chips to
maximize the use of our renewable forest resource. As a high-value insulator with a negative carbon footprint, reduces a building’s global warming potential on day one and everyday it operates.

Healthy People

Installers benefit from the absence of dangerous fibers that harm skin and negatively impact air quality. Leads to the creation of safe, quiet indoor habitats, free of airborne toxins and trapped humidity.




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