Add-Ons and Renovations


Homeowners who want to cut down on cooling and heating expenses need to improve their home’s insulation. A properly insulated home has an easier time keeping indoor temperatures consistently comfortable all year round. The home’s dependency on cooling and heating devices goes down, as well as its energy costs.

Today, insulation is part of the building process. Homeowners who are having their houses built should make it a point to have them air-sealed and properly insulated. However, many owners of older homes have found that their homes have minimal or ineffective insulation or have insulation with traces of asbestos. These homeowners will need to tackle the insulation problem in a remodel or a home renovation.


For those who have a great room, kitchen addition, or bathroom addition, fall is often the beginning of a long stretch of comfort issues – no amount of space heating, blankets, or extra sweaters seem to provide the comfort necessary to truly enjoy these newer spaces.  







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