Benefits of Insulating a Multi-Family Building

Reduced Energy Bills

It’s no secret that multifamily homes can come along with enormous energy bills. For those who own units such as these, energy savings should be kept top-of-mind, and there are plenty of ways to reach this goal—new HVAC equipment and crawlspace encapsulation are examples.

Nothing compares to combining air sealing and insulation as a tool for preventing energy loss, however, and the savings can be exponentially more pronounced in multifamily buildings. If you’ve been trying to fight high energy bills, this is a likely solution.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Many multifamily homes suffer from air sealing issues. These buildings are riddled with tiny cracks and gaps, which allow for unwanted air exchange to occur between conditioned and unconditioned areas. This not only affects your energy bills, but your indoor air quality as well.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of health issues, especially for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Insulation – especially spray foam insulation–  can help to mitigate this issue, stopping unwanted airflow in its tracks and boosting indoor air quality in the process.

Enhanced Home Comfort

One of the biggest misconceptions about insulation is that it’s only necessary during the winter months of the year. It certainly is a crucial element of winter comfort, but it’s just as important during the warmer months.

Insulation reduces heat transfer, and in the same way that it keeps you warm in the winter, it helps to keep the building cool during the spring and summer months. In multifamily buildings, the difference in comfort once an insulation upgrade has been performed is significant.






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